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We LOVE what we do!

We offer dynamic after school club programming in arts, athletics, academic and general interest. Our clubs run through three seasons; Fall (Sept to Dec), Winter (Jan to Mid-April) and Spring (Mid-April to June).

Students are given a choice of new and returning clubs each session which best suit their interests. In selecting which clubs will be offered each session, staff carefully consider what would be of most interest to our students, while striving to offer a balanced program where there is something for everyone.

Our gymnasium is the ideal space for students to burn off some extra energy. An hour after-school, prior to the start of clubs, is allocated to gym time. Students can participate in physical activities such as dodgeball, tag and various fun games which encourage physical fitness. Clubs such as Boot Camp, Fitness Frenzy, Multi-Sport, Gym Games and Hockey Club are offered in this space, along with some of the less active clubs such as Lego Logic, Gamer's Palooza, Club Shock, Rocks & Minerals, D.I.Y and many, many more.

The Black Box Theatre, with its performance stage, is the perfect location to introduce students to the fascinating world of Dramatic Arts. At the end of the Drama Club session, parents are invited in for the presentation. Also run in this space are clubs such as Glee, Dance Troop, Puppeteers, Sign Language, Artist Elite, Critter Club, Fashion, Super Hero Club, Illusionist, Pokemon, Scavenger Hunt, Petopia and many, many more fascinating general interest clubs have also been run in this space.

The Dream Room, tucked away from the main flow of traffic, is best suited for quieter, smaller clubs such as Firm Magazine, Storytime Theatre, Magic School Bus and many more.  

Qualified, caring staff will encourage students to respect one another, to act with kindness and patience and develop a foundation of core values. We are excited to assist families as they seek to raise their children to become equipped with the necessary tools to handle life's challenges.

We also service Eight (8) local schools.

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