Summer Camps 2021

Our exciting Camps cater to Kids ages 4 to 13.  A  variety of themes offer something for everyone and allow those that are with  us for multiple weeks to experience something new and exciting weekly.  Due to Covid-19 there will be no field trips   this summer.  Camps include daily gym/outdoor time, exciting hands-on activities.  We offer a Pizza Lunch Option on Fridays.  

We also offer both before and after camp care.  

Camp Cost: 9AM to 4PM - *$105/$210/$250     w/ Before Care: 7:30AM to 4PM - *$115/$230/$270   

 w/ After Care: 9AM to 5:30PM - *$120/$235/$275    w/Both: 7:30AM to 5:30PM -*$130/$260/$300


    Preauthorized payment available to anyone booking 4 or more weeks.  

                                   DIY CAMP : June 30th & July 2nd (Closed Canada Day, July 1st)     


Have you ever made something out of nothing? Well at DIY camp we will be taking the ordinary and making it EXTRAordinary!  Taking everyday common items and putting them together to create something new, useful and exciting! Add a special twist to the projects we create using your own creativity and innovation!

Camp SHOCK : July 5th - July 9th

A familiar Firm classic with a twist. Science is ALL around us, often hidden in places we never think to look. In this camp we will take a closer look for science in our world we seldom see. Some of the topics we will be exploring include: Edible Science - YUM, Spa and Wellness Science - Bath Bombs, Lotions, Bubble Baths, Tooth Pastes, Science of the Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air as well as science in nature.

*Camp Full*

Crafty Kids : July 12th to 16th


In this club we will focus on the craft side of the art world. Mixing textiles, materials and techniques to create fun activities, art pieces and keepsakes. Campers will not only create mementos they can later cherish but friendships to last for a lifetime!

*Camp Full*

             *** CLOSED - JULY 19    to 23***

FIRM Summer Games : July 26th - 30th          

Game ON! The Olympics may have been cancelled last year but at FIRM they are going strong! Build a team and work together to be the BEST!

And guess what!? To be the BEST at FIRM does not mean you have to win! You can be the best team player, the best friend, the best leader, the best role model, the best YOU you can be!

The objective is to have a blast and have the BEST time possible! 

*Camp Full*

Camp ROCK : July 26th - 30th

A spin on musical theater, campers will plan, direct and produce their own music videos and theatrical performances. Get an inside look at what it takes to create some of your favourite content and entertainment and see if the performance and production

world is for you!


*Camp Full*

Art Attack - August 3rd to 6th (4 days)

Who says art can only be made with paint and brushes on a white canvas? In this camp were going to get wild with art! Create SUPERsized and wacky works of art using materials and mediums you wouldn't normally see in an artists studio. This camp will be sure to change your opinion on what art is supposed to be!

Scavenger Hunt Camp : August 9th - 13th

Are you an excellent problem solver? Do you think you can follow clues and solve mysteries with ease? Then scavenger hunt camp is for you! Everyday examine riddles, clues and maps to find hidden treasures, conquer quests and hone your skills as the next Sherlock Or SHE-lock Holmes!

*Camp Full*

STEM Camp : August 16th - 20th

Go BEHIND the science to see why and how things work the way they do! engineer, build and design projects that will answer questions, solve problems and spark conversation   about our world and the things in it. The possibilities of what we can uncover are endless and the only limit to what you can discover is within your own mind.    

Adventure Camp : August 23 to 27


All the fun of a sleep away camp in the woods packed into each camp day. Experience fun friendship building activities and games, learn camp songs, make s'mores, explore the outdoors and have some good old fashion camp excitement. End the summer with a lively and care free week of fun and games!

*Camp Full*

*** CLOSED - AUGUST 30    to SEPTEMBER 3 ***