Firm Foundation

Program Statement

At Firm Foundation we implement an innovative care model which views the child as capable, competent and curious. We move to address the notion that children are first and for most individual. Each child possess interests and displays talent. At Firm Foundation we recognize the idea that we not only work with children but support future; artists, authors, scientists, producers and builders. We understand it is their uniqueness and interests that when fostered will lead them to a life of fulfillment. In response, we provide child-inspired programs to cater to the interest of the child as they present themselves; through play, exploration and inquiry.


Our curriculum is built around children's inquiries, ideas and interests. At Firm Foundation we mirror the values of How Does Learning Happen? Ontario's Pedagogy for the Early Years as a professional learning resource and to support pedagogy and curriculum/program development in our program as it aligns with the Ministry of Education.


At Firm Foundation we are dedicated not only to the health, safety, nutrition and overall well-being of children but also to their growth and development; physically, mentally and socially. Friendship, Integrity, Respect and Motivation (F.I.R.M) are traits echoed in every aspect of our program.


Our Clubs are the forefront of our unique program model. All clubs are designed, developed and carried out in close collaboration with the children. Through play, children are able to explore a vast variety of inquiries; learning about anything from construction to crochet. While we offer a variety of clubs, none are offered as gender specific. We embrace all lifestyles and interests of the children and encourage each one to become a master of their own special talents as well as persue new ones. During clubs children are able to delve into whatever topic is of interest to them as they create ideas, ask questions, research and document their findings. Working as a team, children also develop a greater appreciation for their peers.


At Firm Foundation we strive to create experiences for the children. The environment is especially important in this matter. Creating and maintaining a warm inviting space is crucial for children to feel safe to explore and learn. Using the environment, both inside and out, helps to enhance the children's learning experience.


All staff are dedicated to the well-being of our children. Caring, patient, responsive and knowledgeable, staff at Firm Foundation are not only excellent caregivers but co-learners as well. Our Early Childhood Educators are registered with the College of ECE's. Other qualifications include; Ontario Teachers Certification and Child and Youth Work. All staff have completed a Criminal Reference Check with Vulnerable Screen and are required to have a valid Standard First Aid Certification with Infant and Child CPR. Our staff are dedicated to professional growth and meet frequently to discuss changes to the program, children's needs and personal development.


Our goal is to create a firm foundation for children to stand on as they grow into adulthood. In doing so, we ensure close and open communication among families, friends as well as community partners to reinforce a solid and secure network of players, mutually invested in the development of the child. We work as one, along with the child as a major player, to create an atmosphere in which each child will thrive. We strongly believe that only with this firm foundation in place will children feel safe to explore, learn, experiment and grow into the outstanding role models they were born to be.