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At Firm Foundation we do our best to keep up with the latest and most updated policies, procedures and information provided by the Ministry of Education and Halton/Ontario Public Health. Our policy changes as updates are made to governing protocols and procedures.

Licensed Childcare Program

FiRM Foundation


1. Is transportation provided?

Yes, we transport our students to and from their designated schools on our 24 Passenger Firm Foundation bus and 6 passenger van.

2. Which schools do we service?

We presently service EIGHT (8) schools in and around the CYC; Our Lady of Fatima, Guardian Angels, Robert Baldwin, Tiger Jeet Singh, Bruce Trail, Hawthorne Village, Irma Coulson and Sainte-Anne (Busing provided by School Board).

3. Is part-time programming available?

Limited part-time spaces available; a minimum of three days per week.

4. Is there a registration fee?

Yes. A $50 registration fee is required per family. Any child withdrawing from the program and re-entering at a later date is subject to another registration fee.

5. Is there an additional charge for clubs?

No, Club programming is included in the after school cost. There is occasionally a small surcharge for specialized clubs which require individual tools/resources.

6. How old does a child need to be to attend?

We are licensed for School-age children only, ages 4 to 13.  Children registered to start Junior Kindergarten can attend our Summer Camps.  

7. Are you open during school closures i.e. PA days, Christmas, March Break and during the summer?

We are open during all school closures, with exception to the final week of the summer. We are also closed for all statutory holidays and snow days. If the Halton District School Board closes schools due to inclement weather, we will also be closed.

8. Do I pay additionally for PA days?

Up to five (5) PA days are included in the program cost if you are registered full-time. If your school has more than five (5) PA days, you will be billed additionally. 

9. Do I need to register my child for PA days?

PA days are included in the weekly fee and no registration is necessary. No credit will be issued for PA days where your child is absent. Space permitting, our PA days are open to Non-Registered Students who need to register and pay the additional fee to attend on a PA day. We tend to plan fun field trips on PA days (bowling, movies, farm, pottery) where an additional fee would apply to cover the direct cost of the field trip. Permission forms are available at the sign-in table in the weeks leading up to the PA Day.

10. Do I need to register my child for programming during school closures such as March Break and summer camp?

Yes. In order to adequately prepare for your child we need to know in advance that they will be attending. Payment is due at the time of registration, unless registering for more than three camps, in which case, pre-authorized debit is accepted. As spaces are limited, it is advisable to pre-register.

11. Will I be billed for scheduled school closures even if my child does not attend the program?

No, you are only billed for the camps you choose to register for. As mentioned above, you will be charged for any of the included PA days even if your child does not attend.

12. If we do not require care during the summer do we lose our space for the following school year?

As long as you have registered for the upcoming year, have provided all the necessary paperwork and submitted pre-authorized payment, we will hold a space for you for the next school year.

13. Do we pay for childcare when we go on vacation?

Yes, paying while on vacation ensures your space is held for you upon your return.

14. I do not require before and after care but would really like for my child to attend PA days. Is this an option?

As long as space permits, we allow students outside our program to attend on PA days.

15. Will my child need to pack a snack?

No. Healthy snacks are provided in the morning and the afternoon. You will however need to pack a lunch on PA days. Please ensure that your child's lunch is peanut-free. Snacks are NOT provided during Camps; please pack both snacks and lunch during Camps.

16. Is my child required to bring anything to the program?

In order to participate in the athletic program, your child will need a pair of indoor shoes and a change of clothes.. These items may be sent in a separate labeled backpack which would remain in the CYC while your child is at school.

17. What are Clubs?

To tap into the interest of the child, we offer a choice of two to three clubs four days a week. Clubs change every 8 to 12 weeks with new sign-ups available each session, allowing students to try new things each time. Clubs are voluntary and children need not participate, we have a variety of other activities, books, games, basketball nets and sports equipment available daily so there is always something for your child to do!

18. What is your snow policy?

We follow the decision of the Halton District School Board with regards to inclement weather. If HDSB busing is cancelled , our bus and van are also cancelled. If schools are closed we will also be closed.

In the event of cancelled busing, we will offer an all day program to anyone requiring care for an additional fee.

19. Which methods of payment are acceptable?

Cash, cheque & credit card are all accepted for camp, PA Day and registration fees.

Pre-authorized Debit or Credit is used for the regular biweekly program fees.

20. Is there a waitlist?

We have limited spaces available that we are looking to fill immediately, call today to arrange a tour.


21. How do be schedule a time to tour the facility?

Simply call (905)699-7483 or email us at to schedule a time of your convenience.

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